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Winnipeg’s FIRST Conservation Districts Water Festival
By admin

Winnipeg’s FIRST EVER Conservation Districts Water Festival

In Celebration of World Water Day March 22nd


Who: The Conservation Districts of Manitoba, and some great friendslike the University of Manitoba and Assiniboine Community College!!


When: March 22 2014 9am-6pm


Where: March 22nd at Polo Park Shopping Centre – Centre Court


Why: We welcome everyone to take the journey of water over Manitoba’s landscape. Our goal is to educate everyone on the importance of our limited precious freshwater, in a fun and interactive way. There will be 5 tables set up(soil erosion, bugs life, groundwater model, and more!) enabling everyone to learn about how we all affect each other living on this great watershed. See how we are all connected and learn why we all need to work together to save our freshwater and lakes!!


The Conservation Districts put on Water Festivals throughout Manitoba, host over 3000 kids annually. The schools are booking early to attend, and we almost can’t keep up. It is a really fun time.” Shane Robins, Executive Director, MCDA


Shane Robins

Executive Director


Manitoba Conservation Districts Association



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