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Conservation Districts
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Turtle River Watershed Conservation District
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TRWCD was established in 1975. The district covers approximately 2,330 km2 (233,043 ha) and is located in western Manitoba. The district occupies the RMs of Ochre River, Ste Rose, McCreary and parts of Dauphin, Lawrence, Alonsa and Rosedale. A large portion of the district includes Riding Mountain National Park since the Conservation District is on a true watershed boundary.  It also includes the Towns of Ste Rose and McCreary.  TRWCD’s mission is to provide sound and effective soil and water management to area residents. There is significant emphasis placed on maintenance of drainages throughout the district. Some programs include the use of buffer strips, erosion control structures, abandoned well capping, grassed runways construction, riparian fencing, and beaver management.  TRWCD has teaming up with Intermountain Conservation District to complete the IWMP process for the Dauphin Lake basin. Educational Trail/Site: TRWCD has a boardwalk/viewing tower at the Crawford Creek Alluvial Fan.   This is an educational site that shows how an alluvial fan works and benefits an ecosystem.  Directions will be available on a brochure that is available at the TRWCD office.


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