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Conservation Districts
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Seine-Rat River Conservation District
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The Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) was formed 2002 with only the RM of La Broquerie as a partner municipality. The SRRCD has since grown to include the rural municipalities of Ste. Anne, Hanover, De Salaberry, Richot, Stuartburn, Reynolds, Montcalm, Franklin, City of Steinbach, the towns of Ste. Anne, and Niverville, and the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys. In the summer of 2011 the RM of Piney voted to join the SRRCD, leaving only the RM of Morris out.

The SRRCD is composed of two main watersheds, the Seine River Watershed and the Rat River Watershed. The four sub-watersheds that all drain into the Seine River Watershed are the Upper Seine River, Lower Seine River, Tourond Creek, and Manning Canal. The three sub-watersheds that contribute to the Rat River Watershed are the Upper Rat River, Lower Rat River/Joubert Creek, and Marsh River watersheds.

The SRRCD is located southeast of Winnipeg and is home to over 50,000 people. The SRRCD offers a full line of water management programs, focusing on both surface and groundwater management initiatives. One of the main objectives lies in creating water retention projects to hold back water during spring run-off to alleviate flooding downstream and provide greater aquifer recharge areas upstream. Both objectives increase water quality on the surface and sub-surface overall. The SRRCD also provides funding to seal old and abandoned wells that provide a point of entry for contaminants into groundwater; to purchase alternative watering systems and riparian fencing to keep livestock out of creeks and rivers; and to monitor well water in rural homes throughout the district are among the most popular programs.


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