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MCDA Webinar Series on Small Dams Register Now!
By Shane Robins

The Manitoba Conservation Districts Association is proud to host
Geotechnical Aspects of Investigation, Design, Construction
and Post-Construction Monitoring of Small Earth Dams
presented by
Victor Klassen, P.Eng.
Victor is a retired PFRA geotechnical engineer who authored the Geotechnical Section of the PFRA Small Dams Design Manual upon which this webinar series is based. Each webinar will be 60 to 90 minutes in length including time for questions. This series is designed for technical personnel wanting practical knowledge of geotechnical aspects of small earth dams from concept to reality. Each webinar will be interactive so you can ask questions during the webinar.

Webinar Start Time 10:30am CST

Webinar 1 Erosion Control – completed April 25, 2017
 Internal erosion (piping) and surface erosion
 Upstream slope protection
 Geosynthetic erosion control products and their applications for small dams

Webinar 2 Soil Classification for Engineering Purposes (USCS) – completed Nov. 28, 2017
 Basic soil groupings and general properties
 Visual classification and lab tests to define soil groups
 Field soil classification techniques

Webinar 3 Site Investigations Date Tues January 30, 2018

 Planning of site investigation  Field logging and sampling of testpit or testhole  Sampling (disturbed and undisturbed), on site testing, labelling and transport
Webinar 4 Geotechnical Design

Date Tues February 13, 2018
 Typical cross-section components of a small dam and their functions
 Soil types for each dam component and their properties
 Foundation design, seepage and slope stability
 Materials engineering – design objectives and source designations
Webinar 5 Construction

Date Tues February 27, 2018
 Specifications – typical PFRA method specs for materials, equipment and procedures
 Density testing and comparison to standard Proctor reference density
 Construction management and inspection, construction report
Webinar 6 Post Construction Maintenance and Dam Safety

Date Tues March 13, 2018
 Case histories of failures – how and why they occurred
 Small dam inspections – what to watch for, possible causes and associated level of concern
 Dam Safety inspections and Dam Safety DataBook

To Register….see next page
To Register –
Please include: Office name, billing information, phone number and all participants included. Email this information to no later than January 25th, 2018.
Cost – $100 (plus GST) per office inclusive of 5 participants. Any additional participants (up to 5 more) are an additional $100 (plus GST) and so on.
Please make cheques payable to: Manitoba Conservation Districts Association
930 Victoria Ave. East
Brandon, MB R7A 2A4
Any questions please contact:
Shane Robins, executive director MCDA


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