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Conservation Districts
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Intermountain Conservation District
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IMCD was established in 1997. The district covers approximately 7,200 km2 (720,079 ha) and is located in west central Manitoba. The district occupies the RMs of Dauphin, Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Ethelbert, Mossey River and Mountain South. It also includes the City of Dauphin, the Towns of Grandview and Gilbert Plains and the Villages of Ethelbert and Winnipegosis. Sustainable resource management within the district’s watershed areas is the overall objective of the district, with the primary focus being soil and water conservation. There is also significant emphasis placed on educational initiatives in schools and throughout the district. Some programs include streambank stabilization, abandoned well capping, grassed runways construction or repair, forage seed assistance, livestock watering systems, tree planting projects, and riparian zone management.

Integrated Watershed Management Plans
IMCD is currently involved with the development of the East Duck Mountain/Sagemace Bay IWMP. Development of the Dauphin Lake IWMP was initiated in the fall of 2010 in cooperation with the Turtle River Watershed Conservation District.

Educational Trail/Site:
IMCD is currently developing an interpretive educational trail at its office and yard site. In early fall, an annual water festival brings out schools from the area to take part in activity stations to learn about water and watershed issues. An information library is being developed in the office to provide information to all watershed residents.


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