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Innovative surface water and nutrient mgmt on-farm
By Shane Robins

Year One Success!! 3 More To Go…..

Traditional surface water management schemes in the Prairie region involve networks of shallow surface drains and schemes to flood land temporarily, releasing it later when the drainage network can handle the volume. However, on some soil types this results in an increase in the losses of phosphorus from flooded soils.
There is increasing interest in the concept of storing water on the land to reduce flooding, reduce nutrient losses, and increase climate change resilience. Funding is available to support this practice through Growing Assurance Ecological Goods and Services Program (under Growing For-ward 2, a Federal-Provincial initiative), and there is a need to ensure that water is stored in the right place, in the right way, and benefits the businesses storing it and those downstream. The long-term benefits of the Growing Assurance program that supports environmental goods and services and innovation on-farm are dependent on the success of the schemes it supports.
Manitoba Conservation Districts Association is sponsoring a multi-partner project to look that the benefits of this practice in Manitoba.
Project contacts: Dr Selena Randall (University of Manitoba) Shane Robins (MCDA)


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