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Conservation Districts
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East Interlake Conservation District
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East Interlake Conservation District (EICD) is a local organization whose role is to provide residents of the Interlake the resources they need to help improve the health of their local watersheds. EICD does this through education, research and monitoring, program delivery, watershed planning and coordination of partnerships. EICD is here to help you live in and enjoy, a healthy environment for years to come.


Riparian protection through funding support for:
Buffer-strip establishment, Off-stream watering systems, Riparian enhancements, Exclusion fencing

Conservation Programming
Subsidized compost bins, Subsidized rain barrels

Habitat protection and enhancement
Sealing of abandoned wells
Nuisance flowing well remediation
Door-to-door well water testing
Waterway Survey


Presentations at:
Local schools, International conferences, Trade conventions, Local municipalities

Information Pamphlets

Interlake Water Days:
An educational field-trip for local students to learn more about water & aboriginal culture.



Buffer-Strip Nutrient Abatement
In partnership with the University of Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba and AESB , we are studying the ability of grassed strips to remove nitrogen and phosphorous along waterways.

Municipal Lagoon Effluent Treatment
To foster innovative alternatives to discharging lagoon effluent directly into our waterways, EICD has sponsored a research project into effluent irrigation and the study of nutrients in wastewater.

Stream Water Quality
In partnership with the Province of Manitoba, 9 Interlake streams are sampled at 25 different sites on a quarterly basis. Summarized results are available on our website.

Benthic Invertebrate Monitoring
In partnership with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, monitoring of water-bugs is done annually in 8 streams to assess overall watershed health.

Waterway Survey
In order to understand surface water flow in our district, EICD has completed detailed surveys in a number of waterways throughout the district. This data is being digitized for easily accessible viewing for all residents and stakeholders using Google Earth and can be viewed on our website under Waterway Survey.


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