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Conservation Districts
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Assiniboine Hills Conservation District
By admin

Assiniboine Hills Conservation District (AHCD) was established in 2008 after a series of meetings between the Mid Assiniboine River and Tiger Hills Conservation Districts. The partial merger and expansion with new partners was the preliminary steps in the movement to provide an actual watershed boundary alignment.  The new district covers approximately 6,349 km2 and is located in southwest Manitoba. With the current expansion/merger the district occupies the RMs of Argyle, Cornwallis, Glenwood, Oakland, Riverside, South Cypress, Strathcona, and Whitewater. It also includes the Town of Souris and Villages of Glenboro and Wawanesa.

Along with its partners AHCD is committed to manage water and environmental resources to promote a healthy watershed and a sustainable lifestyle for current and future generations. This will lead to a future where communities, agriculture and the environment are healthy, sustainable and in balance with one another.

In balance with our programs and projects with landowners we provide educational activities to 6 public schools and 10 colony schools within our district.

Some of our most popular events with schools are Southwest Manitoba Water Festival, in partnership with two other CDs; Ice Fishing Days; and sponsorship of Oak Hammock Marsh.

With support from Manitoba Water Stewardship we are in the preliminary stages of the Integrated Water Management Plan for the Central Assiniboine and Lower Souris Watersheds.  The expectation is to complete this plan within two years through a series of public, agency and municipal meetings.


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