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Conservation Districts
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Alonsa Conservation District
By admin

The Alonsa Conservation District was established in 1978, and has been involved in a wide range of resource management programs since it’s inception.  Although extremely active in areas such as fisheries enhancement, permanent cover establishment, historical preservation and tourism promotion.  The initial reason for the establishment of the District was to deal with issues pertaining to agricultural drainage

The District operates and maintains over 520 miles of agricultural drains along with all the associated crossing infrastructure.  The District’s varied program activities, such as Channel Maintenance, Crossing Repair and Replacement Program, Pickerel Spawning Project, Forage Seed Program, Forestry and Wildlife programs, Tree Planting Projects, Sustainable Development Educational Extension Programs  and development of Board’s commitment to carry out its mandate of conserving, sustaining, and preserving all the diverse resources which make this area unique and keep the local economy strong.

The Alonsa Conservation District, which lies along the western shores of Lake Manitoba, encompasses approximately 445,000 ha.  Soil and water management decisions are made mostly on the basis of resource conservation environmental awareness.  Alonsa Conservation District is in the process of developing an Integrated Watershed Management Plan.

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