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Conservation Districts
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About Us

Our Organization

Manitoba Conservation Districts Association (MCDA) is a non-profit organization which represents the 18 Conservation Districts (CD’s) within Manitoba. MCDA has a board representative from each CD and provides one unified voice for the CD’s. It promotes and highlights the successes of the CD program in sustainable watershed management.


Our vision is to ensure the Conservation Districts are recognized by all Manitobans and supported provincially.


Our mission is to provide a leadership role and unified voice between Conservation Districts, Water Stewardship and our partners in watershed management for Manitobans.

Our Mandate

The organization was established to provide an information exchange and promotion among the Boards with a mandate of;

  • Leadership: to demonstrate and provide leadership and capacity building skills for Conservation District’s boards.
  • Education: to build and enhance relations with the Conservation Districts and promote the understanding and value of strong watershed-based programming to public and private partners
  • Advocacy: be the unified voice for the Conservation Districts to champion stewardship in healthy watershed sustainability
  • Promotion: assume the role as a leader with a defined presence and profile in watershed management

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